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As an architectural photographer specializing in historic preservation, my interests in social and political issues seldom translated to work with my camera. I am far from a photojournalist.

To aid my studies of architecture I have been developing a variety of means to get cameras to elevated perspectives particularly in areas where drone use is not allowed. When the city of Washington DC dubbed the two blocks north of the White House and Lafayette Park "Black Lives Matter Plaza" And painted "Black Lives Matter" down those streets, I realized the tools I developed for elevated views could be put to another purpose.

Months later when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, I learned that within an hour of the announcement a crowd was gathering at the Court to absorb the news. I decided to see what another version of this "elevated view" could reveal about the shock felt by a community spontaneously reacting to her death.

As other galleries on this site make clear these are not subjects that generally get my attention. But in these bizarre times it is at least refreshing to have some new subjects.
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